Talking Tech 19th March 2019

March 19, 2019

In this weeks talking tech amongst other topics, Stephen and David catch up with Tony Wu (Product advisor) from the Vision Australia Vision Store to give us some information about the latest updates to the Orcam and Irisvision wearable devices: both of which can be purchased from Vision Australia.

Talking Tech 12th March 2019

March 12, 2019

This weeks show various topics discussed.

Talking Tech 5th March 2019

March 5, 2019

Two Interesting Workshops Coming Up In The Tech Hub At Parramatta


This week it is iOS Verses Android, and the following week its Windows Verses Mac - which one should you choose.


I will be hopefully recording these and posting them on the VACast podcast feed at:


Product Highlight From the Vision Store


Talking Blood Pressure Monitor.


Sometimes it is just as easy to use a talking device than going via your smart phone.  This talking blood pressure monitor works extremely well and is easy to use.


cSUN Conference 2019 March 11 to 15 2019


As with the ATIA conference, I’m sure we’ll see interviews again from Blind Bargains.



Just Trying Out Chirp Twiter app On My Apple Watch Which Now Supports FlickType


Just A Tip Warning If You Update To The Latest version of the Samsung Smart Things App


You’ll have  to delete and re-install if you are a VoiceOver user as the new app comes up with an interface that is initially not accessible with VoiceOver.  Deleting and re-installing (plus logging in) fix’s at least this issue.


Using.An iPhone X R For A Few Weeks


Just some thoughts so far about using the iPhone X R with the iPhone X style VoiceOver gestures and Face ID.


The Blind Friendly Tag To The Google Play Games App


Within the Play Games app, this will make it easier to find accessible games.


100 Apps That Work With Siri Short-Cuts


Haven’t tried these out, but it should give you some ideas.


The Sensibo iOS App Gets Siri Shortcuts


This is the app to turn your AC on or Off and a few other things, but at least with these Siri Shortcuts you can turn the AC on or off.


Best Apple Watch Bands For Extra Large Wrists From iMore


Great Website Which Lists HomeKit Compatible Devices


Only issue with this website, you can’t tell what is actually available in Australia.

Talking Tech 26th February 2019

February 28, 2019

A Couple Of Recent Podcasts From Me And A New Podcast Feed


A few weeks ago I did episode 8 in my Windows 10 Narrator Series which was on using Narrator on the web.


I have also a new podcast for the Vision Australia Vision Store where I will be posting tech demos from the Store.

For example, you’ll see a demo on how easy it is to use Apple Pay to pay for items from the Vision Store.

Or search for David Woodbridge in the iTunes Store and you’ll find this one and my personal iSee podcast.


Vision Australia is now Selling the Galaxy Bar Code Reader


For folks that have been waiting, the wait is over, you can now order the Galaxy Mate from Vision Australia.

Ring 1300 847 466 or email


Last Week I Did a Talk On The Rivo 2 Keyboard on Accessible World Tech Talk



I still think the Rivo 2 keyboard is a great device and was glad to share the info with listeners.


Ear Hockey Now Available In The Microsoft Store In Australia


The Microsoft Garage Project released a game late last year called Ear Hockey, and now you can download it from the Australian Microsoft Store on your Windows 10 PC and play it to your hearts content.


Folks Have Been Asking Me Lately About My bluetooth App Driven Coffee Machine


I’ll explain how this works, but a few tips and warning about its functionality for VoiceOver or Talkback users.



HomePod And I Think the Apple Watch Siri Voice Has Now Been Improved



Next time if you use Siri on the HomePod or Apple Watch, you may notice that the Siri voice sounds a lot more yuan. Apple just updated it with no fuss or bother, which in itself is great to see these senseless updates plus we get a better sounding Siri voice.

Talking Tech 19th February 2019

February 19, 2019

In this weeks show.



Humanware Interview With Blake Ison


Catching up with Blake to see what is new from Humanware.


Some Not So Good News on the Orbit Reader 20


Due to Manufacturer issues, Vision Store can no longer provide the Orbit Reader 20 for sale, we currently have no stock, and are not even sure if we will get future units.


For the moment we are recommending the Brailliant 14 as a possible alternative.


Blind Bargains Audio Interviews from ATIA 2019


Quite a few of interesting product interviews to listen to.


Also remember that besides the website, you also have the app which can make getting to things a lot more easy.


FaceTime Group Calling Now Fixed


As I talked about a few weeks ago, this bug has been fixed with a recent iOS update, so be sure your device is up to date if you plan on using FaceTime Group calling.

Talking Tech 12th February 2019

February 12, 2019

Interview with Tony Burrett from Bindi Maps - Indoor Way Finding



In this show, David catch’s up with Tony from Bindi Maps to talk about indoor navigation via beacon technology.


Clew Indoor Navigation app



An interesting Augmentative Reality (AR) app running on an iPhone to allow people who are blind to find their way back from a destination to a starting point for indoor navigation.


Get 30 free minutes with Aira’s New Promo Seven Day Trial


This 30 minute promo trial allows users to take the Aira service for a spin by using the camera on their smart phone.

Talking Tech 5th February 2019

February 5, 2019

Apple Apologises for its Eavesdropping FaceTime Group calling Bug


In short, its fixed and an update version of iOS 12 coming out to fix the issue.


FaceTime calling group server down until fix, but FaceTime to FaceTime direct  calling not affected.


From Macworld - 5 Things We Learned from the Apple Financial Report for the Last Quarter


Ok iPhone numbers we down, but given what is happening in the rest of the world it isn’t to surprising.


New Sessions At Apple Stores - Today At Apple


Via the Apple Store app it is easy to book in to these many free sessions across Apple Retail Stores and learn about the various things you can do with your Apple products.  I’m particularly excited about sessions on the Health app and getting the most out of the Apple Watch for fitness.


Microsoft Office Now Available on the Mac App Store


At last, you can get Microsoft Office from the Mac App Store.  Makes it much easier to access Word, Outlook etc.


Yes It Is Now Here - Commonwealth Bank of Australia Has Apple Pay



Finally, another of the major banks in Australia is now supporting Apple Pay which is great for blind or low vision folks particularly with an iPhone or Apple Watch.


Apple’s New Accessible Coding Resources for Swift Playgrounds


Whilst this is currently available in the UK and US, hopefully we will see the same material provided in Australia, watch this space.


The Just Completed ATIA 2019 conference


It’s been hard to track down much information on this years conference, but Blind Bargains has apparently a number of interviews coming out over the next few weeks.  Visit Blind barons website or download their app.


High Tech Batons Allow Blind Musicians to Follow the Conducter


This is what technology is all about for me, breaking down barriers, musicians who are blind can now play in an orchestra.


As I said on the program, I’m not sure if this product is available commercially yet.

Talking Tech 29th January 2019

January 29, 2019

In this weeks show amongst other tech news, David explains how he goes about producing his podcasts on his podcast feed which can be found at:

Talking Tech 22nd January 2019

January 22, 2019

In this weeks show, some of the topics that Stephen and David discuss include:


Ideas For Tech Fridays for 2019


As more and more VA offices are doing tech type workshops, asking folks what type of “tech stuff” you would like covered in such workshops?


Please email me at:



Envoy Connect Download Software Now Available


Via the Help Page on I-Access

you can now download the software for the Envoy Connect low cost but powerful daisy player.

Besides being available from the VA Library - the Envoy Connect can also be purchased from the VA Retail Store for $75 Australian


Aira Training Audio Tutorials


Audio tutorials on Aira (remote sighted support through your smart phone) is now available from Aira’s website.


Amazon Echo Reading Audible Books Up To 1.5 Times Reading Speed Now Available


Great news for Echo users, when you listen to Audible books, you can speed up the rate of the voice twice to 1.5 times normal speed or slow it down to 75% of normal speed.

Just say:

Read Faster, Read Slower, Read at Normal Speed.


AccessWorld for Jan 2019


Celebrating Braille Month - Braille Blaster, Kindle fire Tablet supporting Braille, Dot Watch, and the Bradley Timepiece.

Talking Tech 15th January 2019

January 15, 2019

A Well Done To ABC Radio


Just a congratulation shout out for the ABC for broadcasting on ABC Extra and associated stations the audio description for the Sydney Harbour fire works on New Years Eve.


Speaking of Audio Description - Just Listened to Venum with Owen My Son



Just think it is great that new movies coming out more and more are audio described.


Woolworths App Check Out Now Functional Again


With a release in the first days of the new year, the Woolworths app Check Out function is now accessible again for VoiceOver users.


My Windows 10 Narrator Series Podcasts Underway


At the start of Jan 2019, I have started a series of podcasts on show casing what the Windows 10 Narrator screen reader can do.  To see a list of the podcasts so far, go to my hosting website:



Speaking of Podcasts, Here is one on Tooth Fairy


A great Mac app for putting Bluetooth devices on the Mac menu bar (in VoiceOver terms the Extras Menu).


And one More - How I Use Home, News and Voice Memos not eh Mac


Where Would the New Year be for 2019 Without a Game Suggestion



Have a play of the free Great Toy Robbery from L-Works, a great game to play on both Mac and Windows.


My Thoughts on the RIVO Keyboard



As I have been using this keyboard of the Christmas/new year period, thought I would just share some thoughts about it.


*Has its own Mic/speaker plus the keyboard, so can do phone calls, access Siri, dictate, and navigate iOs.

*Can give me access up to 6 devices.

*Can plug a pair of 3.5mm head phones in to the RIVO.

Power Bank Battery Chargers


Over the break I purchased another 3 of these (20000mah) for the Rest of the Family


Was thinking, it is always good to have on of these around, and if you use the Seeing AI app on the iPhone for example, you can read the display on some of these power banks which tells you how much charge they have left.

WiFi Hard Drives


Another purchase for  the new year, a WiFi hard drive that we can put all our music, audio books etc on to separate from iTunes and access them from our iOS devices as well.


Coverage from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) From Digital Trends


Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa getting smarter, self driving wheelchair, self driving cars, health devices.


Another source from ZDNet as well